What exactly is the “diversity”​ problem you are trying to solve?

Corporate leaders want to address the diversity challenge At this juncture in American life, Corporate leaders are speaking more directly about racism, inequality and injustice than before. They understand that new and bolder actions are needed to address racial disparities in the workplace. They are looking for answers to many questions, including, “how can I…

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Ken Frazier is the 2021 CEO of the Year!

Ken Frazier CEO of Year revi

What are the characteristics of the CEOs you admire most? I admire CEOs who are intelligent, thoughtful (rather than impulsive), inclusive, good listeners, effective communicators, and willing to make tough decisions. That is why Ken Frazier, former CEO of @Merck, has been on my shortlist of admirable CEOs for the last ten years. Frazier and…

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