Leading Inclusion

Leading Inclusion

Leading Inclusion is a "how-to-be" book that defines the executive's role in driving inclusion from the top of their organizations.

Perfect for:

  • CEOs, C-suite leaders, other executives
    Board directors
  • Human Resources professionals, including CDOs and CIDOs
  • MBA and eMBA students
    Leaders from outside the U.S. who need to lead a US workforce
  • Any other leader who wants to understand inclusion from a strategic perspective.


(Starred Review). "An outstanding source of information and advice for leaders who want to build inclusive work environments. It may also prove extremely beneficial for faculty and students of business administration schools. Highly recommended."

(Editor's Pick). "A real-world leadership guide to effective inclusion and diversity in the workplace. Great for fans of: Anthony Greenwald and Mahzarin R. Banaji’s Blindspot, Mary-Frances Winters’s We Can’t Talk About That at Work!"

"A comprehensive guidebook to diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives in the workplace."