"Inclusion tops diversity." - Gena 

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Leading Inclusion

Leading Inclusion is a "how-to-be" book that defines the executive's role in driving inclusion from the top of their organizations.

Build an inclusive organization from the top down.

Why are workplace diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) efforts often disappointing? 

This plain-spoken-yet-nuanced guide shows leaders how to set and incorporate a vision for diversity and inclusion that enables marginalized employees to see and feel the difference in their day-to-day work experiences. Leading Inclusion challenges many preexisting beliefs about how to lead “diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI)” and urges leaders to develop the necessary mindset for bold action this work requires. 

Leading Inclusion offers a strategic way to forestall disappointing diversity and inclusion outcomes.

Perfect for:

  • CEOs, C-suite leaders, other executives
    Board directors
  • Human Resources professionals, including CHROs, CDOs and CIDOs
  • MBA and eMBA students
  • Leaders from outside the U.S. who need to lead a US workforce
  • Any other leader who wants to understand inclusion from a strategic perspective.



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