Leading Inclusion

Leading Inclusion

Defines The Executive's Role In Strategically Driving Inclusion In Their Organizations, So All Employees Can Thrive.


In this groundbreaking new book, Gena shows how to lead an inclusive organization from the top down.

The book supports leaders in meeting new expectations for inclusive leadership by offering solutions drawn from psychological science, leaders’ experiences, and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) practitioners’ insights. And, Gena seasons those messages with eye-opening truths from her own 25-plus-year experience as a leader in corporate America.

Gena proposes that leaders make inclusion (especially race- and ethnicity-based inclusion) a subset of overall leader effectiveness expectations; not a separate add-on. She helps leaders understand the key questions to ask, the constituents to address, and the difficult-but-necessary actions needed to lead inclusive organizations.

Your organization can become a haven for inclusion, even if it is not so today. Leading Inclusion will empower you with the historical, psychological, and practical knowledge to change your organization—and America—one employee at a time. 

  • Why inclusive leadership matters
  • Science- and experience-based insights and a framework to guide leaders' strategic action
  • What to say and do about this emotionally-charged topic
  • How to align action that infuses inclusion in the entire organization

Perfect for:

  • CEOs, C-suite
  • Board directors
  • Human Resources professionals
  • MBA students
  • and any other leader who wants to understand inclusion from a strategic perspective.

As seen in the Publishers Weekly Spring Announcement

Leading Inclusion - Publishers Weekly Spring Announcement

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