I can help you become a more influential and impactful leader, or make a powerful career pivot.

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You are a high performer.

Your organization is changing amid disruptions.

You want greater impact and influence.

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Gena Cox, PhD - Respect to LEAD™

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I work with individual leaders.

Common client scenarios:

  • Dealing effectively with a more powerful colleague who does not value collaboration.
  • Showing up confidently when changing organizational priorities are disrupting your job.
  • Transitioning to a new leadership role.
  • Making a career pivot.
  • Meeting work commitments while dealing with new or intractable family obligations.
Gena Cox, PhD - Respect to LEAD™

Coaching Options & Milestones


  • 12-month engagement
  • 6-month engagement

Process Milestones:

  • High-level goal(s) definition
  • Assessment of client's current context, key stakeholders, etc.
  • Stakeholder input
  • Formal goal(s) definition
  • Action plan creation
  • Plan into action & regular meeting
  • Periodic check-ins with key stakeholders (including sponsors and mentors)
  • Final impact assessment
  • Final coaching session
  • Check-in 2 months post final coaching session
Gena Cox, PhD - Respect to LEAD™