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You want to energize an audience to connect meaningfully with others, grow professionally, and optimize their leadership impact.

Provide ideas, insights, and actions to drive learning, ah-has, and behavior change.

Gena Cox, PhD - Respect to CONNECT™


  • Respect to Connect: The keys to effective leadership, connection, and well-being. (An informative and motivational call for prioritizing Respect.)
  • Disrupted Times Call for New Leadership: What You Learned in B-School is Not What You Need Now. (Highlights new employee expectations and offers leaders suggestions for enhancing their impact and influence in a changing world.)
  • Yes… And Careers: Experimentation can lead to professional fulfillment and impact. (Embracing your “WHY” and adopting and improvisational mindset allows you to navigate career challenges and be uniquely impactful.)
Gena Cox, PhD - Respect to CONNECT™
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    Gena was hired as an external speaker  to join me and our CEO on a company-wide webinar live for our employees to discuss new career growth strategies in a post-pandemic world. We got feedback like, "Gena Cox is an amazing force field of expertise and positive energy." "Can we get a link or notice when she has her Ted Talk? AMAZING presenter”

    - Adam Koussari-Amin, Director Talent Management

    "While the topic of inclusion may prove intimidating for some, (Gena) outlined an impactful approach that focuses on mindset, boldness, and action."

    -Kavitha Marriapan, EVP Customer Experience

    "Having Dr. Cox speak at our Global Conference was an absolute pleasure. Dr. Cox's talk about Mindset, Courage and Action will (enable) YOU can take real-life actionable steps to improve diversity and inclusion programs in your company and in your life!"

    -Ron Saharyan, Entrepreneur

    "The roadmap (you shared) for difficult conversations that don't threaten or judge is so helpful for everyone -- managers, staff, or faculty, who are avoiding tough but critical conversations toward an inclusive workplace."

    -Barbara Gray, Ph.D., Chief Librarian & Associate Professor

    "Feedback from your session has been terrific and attendees clearly enjoyed hearing your perspective on how to move their own strategies forward."

    -CEO of Tech Company

    "I was fortunate enough to engage Gena as a speaker for some of the leading figures in L&D and HR across the world. With her dynamic communication skills and unwavering dedication to inclusion, Gena expertly addressed the challenges of confronting bias, gaining leadership support for change, and executing inclusion in all aspects of work."

    -Katy Roby Peters Global Head of Marketing | Ethical Marketer

    "You had us all riveted during the entire talk and gave us some useful concepts and tools to improve our organizational cultures.

    -Kristin Hart, University Dean of Libraries and Information Resources