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The State of Workplace Inclusion: 2020 to 2023: Part 1 – “I Came Out as Black”

NOTE: This article is Part 1 of a 4-part series about workplace inclusion between March 2020 and May 2023. The subsequent three editions will be:...
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“Leading Inclusion” is One of the 10 Best Leadership Books for 2023

This year, the folk at CEO Magazine have honored my book, Leading Inclusion, by including it on this list of 10 books "to guide you...
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How Black women are pushing back against natural hair discrimination disguised as “professionalism”

"Professionalism" is a term often misused in business life, and it works to the disadvantage of employees and candidates whose physical characteristics do not match...
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Why “quiet hired” is terrible for women and people of color

Just when we thought we had heard enough of the newfangled workplace phenomena that came out of the COVID-19 pandemic, here comes another: "quiet hiring!"...
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Gena’s Free Coaching Session: My manager and colleagues caught me telling a lie. What should I do?

Periodically readers bring up thorny workplace situations and ask me, "What should I do?" These "Free Coaching Sessions" are how I document that advice so...
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Executive Vulnerability is Cool: Handle negative feedback like an asset, not a liability

This article summarizes my recent responses to a reporter on background for a story. It deals with how executives respond to negative feedback and offers...
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“Leading Inclusion” book launches on October 11, 2022!

 MEDIA RELEASE  Organizational Psychologist and Executive Coach Helps Corporate Leaders Respond to Calls for Meaningful AND Visible Diversity and Inclusion Outcomes  Clearwater, FL – Corporate...
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Don’t make your employees work with toxic clients

Toxic clients exist, and putting them first (i.e., the customer is always right) is a mistake, especially if your employees will have to suffer to...
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What is “quiet-quitting,” and what to do about it?

"Quiet quitting” is an employee’s voluntary decision to intentionally withhold some aspect of their typical job performance in response to a perception that their employer...
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Quiet-quitting is a bad career strategy

Since the Spring of 2022, there has been a lot of media coverage about a phenomenon called "quiet-quitting." While some content creators suggest that quiet-quitting...
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