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Gena’s Free Coaching Session: My manager and colleagues caught me telling a lie. What should I do?

Periodically readers bring up thorny workplace situations and ask me, "What should I do?" These "Free Coaching Sessions" are how I document that advice so...
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Executive Vulnerability is Cool: Handle negative feedback like an asset, not a liability

This article summarizes my recent responses to a reporter on background for a story. It deals with how executives respond to negative feedback and offers...
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“Leading Inclusion” book launches on October 11, 2022!

 MEDIA RELEASE  Organizational Psychologist and Executive Coach Helps Corporate Leaders Respond to Calls for Meaningful AND Visible Diversity and Inclusion Outcomes  Clearwater, FL – Corporate...
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What is “quiet-quitting,” and what to do about it?

"Quiet quitting” is an employee’s voluntary decision to intentionally withhold some aspect of their typical job performance in response to a perception that their employer...
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Quiet-quitting is a bad career strategy

Since the Spring of 2022, there has been a lot of media coverage about a phenomenon called "quiet-quitting." While some content creators suggest that quiet-quitting...
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Imposter syndrome: Take back your power and ask for manager support

"Imposter syndrome" is real, but it has two components: the feelings of inadequacy that can come from one's own psychological makeup and the feelings of...
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These two common C-suite actions have not helped workplace inclusion

My world changed when police killed Breonna Taylor in March 2020 because it felt like the country had hit rock bottom in the manifestation of...
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Gena’s workplace predictions for 2022 and beyond

When the pandemic began, I had the luck to be in a job in which we measured employee opinions across industries across the globe. I...
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3 ways to enhance c-suite diversity

Since 1955, corporate board directors have selected a Fortune 500 CEO about 1800 times, yet fewer than 100 women and fewer than 6 Black women...
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3 Common Workplace Politics Traps and Tips to Navigate Them

“Workplace politics” are the unspoken rules that employees must learn and abide by if they are to survive in organizational life. While every company has...
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