“Leading Inclusion” book launches on October 11, 2022!

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Organizational Psychologist and Executive Coach Helps Corporate Leaders Respond to Calls for Meaningful AND Visible Diversity and Inclusion Outcomes 

Clearwater, FL – Corporate executives and board directors have a new resource and trusted guide to help deliver meaningful inclusion and diversity outcomes in their organizations. 

A recent Edelman poll of Americans shows that 82% want CEOs to do more in response to systemic racism and racial injustice. Yet, a recent Fortune 500 survey showed that 72% of those CEOs thought they had been too involved in “social” issues and needed to pull back. Corporate executives seem unsure how to respond to these new expectations. 

In Leading Inclusion (Page Two Books/Macmillan; On Sale 10/11/22), Gena Cox, Ph.D., shares insights and guidance from academics, corporate leaders, diversity and inclusion experts, and her two decades working in corporations advising corporate leaders. “My interest in this topic isn’t just professional; it’s also deeply personal. I spent 20+ years poker-facing my way through various consulting roles where one thing was constant: executives seemed out of touch with the experiences of people who looked like me,” said Cox. “With Leading Inclusion, I’ve written the book I wished my leaders could have read so my experiences could have been more positive,” she added. 

The trade has positive things to say about Leading Inclusion: 

  • • Library Journal (Starred Review): “An outstanding source of information and advice for leaders who want to build inclusive work environments … Highly Recommended.” 
  • • Book Life by Publishers Weekly (Editor’s Pick): A real-world leadership guide to effective inclusion and diversity in the workplace.” 
  • • Kirkus: “A comprehensive guidebook to diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives in the workplace.” 
  • • Foreword Clarion Reviews (5 out of 5 stars): “… nuanced and personalized, reflecting a deep understanding of the challenges implicit in addressing racial tensions in workplaces.” 
  • • NYC Big Book Award Winner – Nonfiction. Distinguished Favorite – Business General. 

Dr. Gena Cox is an organizational psychologist, executive coach, and CEO of Feels Human, LLC. Before this, at IBM and Perceptyx, Cox advised leaders in the Fortune 500 and other large global companies how to build psychologically healthy and engaging organizational cultures that drive business outcomes. A noted voice on human-centered leadership, Cox shows executives how to stop using 2019 behavior to address 2022 workplace challenges. Cox’s ideas have been featured in Harvard Business Review, Fast Company, Fortune, Insider, Forbes, Reader’s Digest, MarketWatch/Barrons, FOX Business, Business Journals, BBC, and more. 

For more information about Leading Inclusion, to request a review copy, or schedule an interview, please contact Gena Cox at gena@genacox.com. 

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ISBNs: Hardcover: 978-177458-1797 | eBook: 978-177458-1803 | Audiobook: 978-177458-2787 


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