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I am an organizational psychologist, executive coach, and speaker who helps leaders enhance their influence and impact. Additionally, clients seek my advice about building respectful and psychologically healthy workplaces.

Leading Inclusion book cover
Leading Inclusion book cover

Want to lead an inclusive organization, from the top down?

Read Gena’s book, Leading Inclusion.

Is “diversity and inclusion” really a leadership thing?

Executives and board directors like you are being asked to ensure your workforce is diverse, that all employees have an experience that makes them want to stay, and that you have the talent needed for your business to survive the myriad challenges on the horizon. When you take an action, it is scrutinized as if stakeholders are only looking for things to criticize. If you don't take action, stakeholders criticize you for inaction. You want to satisfy a variety of stakeholders, but it can seem like you are darned if you do and darned if you don’t!  One thing I know for sure though, is that inaction is the worse-case scenario, because your employees are waiting to see and feel the changes that only you can deliver.

You care about all employees and want to better diversity and inclusion outcomes.

  • Although you’ve tried several “diversity and inclusion” things in the last few years … nothing seems to stick.
  • Some of your leaders say focus less on “social justice issues,” and you get conflicting advice from well-intentioned colleagues.
  • HR is taking the lead, but recruiting and training are insufficient solutions. 

Mindset. Courage. Action will make a difference.

To get meaningful DE&I outcomes,  (1) set the tone and vision for this work from the top of the organization, (2) make courageous decisions, even if your colleagues do not agree, and (3) establish behavioral expectations and accountability.

I had you in mind when I wrote, Leading Inclusion: Drive Change Your Employees Can See and Feel. My guidance is based on a unique mix of psychological science, lessons of experience from 20+ years of advising corporate executives, and seeking my own career fulfillment in corporate America.

I am the confidential advisor with a handy guidebook who can help you cut through to what really matters. I advise and coach business and DE&I leaders who want to set the standard for building the inclusive work environments all employees deserve.

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