Strategic Inclusion Advisory

I can help you lead an inclusive organization from the top (or from the board)

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Lead an

You want all your employees to have positive experiences.
But some do not.

Make impactful changes
your employees can see and feel!

Gena Cox, PhD - Respect to INCLUDE™

From the Top

I work with leaders and their teams.

Common client scenarios:

  • Using Respect as the foundation for DEI work.
  • Responding internally to external social and political pressures.
  • The C-suite's role in leading inclusion
  • Formulating an integrated approach to DEI work across disparate functions (HR, Legal, Transformation, etc.).

My role: thought leadership and strategic recommendations.

Your role: Actions and outcomes from nuanced execution.

Gena Cox, PhD - Respect to INCLUDE™


  • Executive strategy sessions: Optimize your focus on what matters most, so you can lead your organization's inclusion actions.
  • Focused leader roundtables: Bringing together top-level peer leaders to describe challenges, ask and give peer input, and drive to action.
  • “What I am seeing” customized executive inclusion briefings: Using insights from research and experience to share trends, implications, and recommendations for proactive leadership on key issues.
Gena Cox, PhD - Respect to INCLUDE™