Toxic people make workplaces toxic!

A toxic work culture is dangerous for companies and for employees. The first consequence is that leaders drive with blinders on: They lose transparency about what is happening in the business and only get to hear what their lieutenants deem “worthy.” So they miss a lot of critical intelligence that should inform their decision-making. Sometimes…

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5 Strategies to Infuse D&I into Your Organization

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There’s widespread agreement on the need to improve diversity and inclusion in the workplace. But it’s not easy to deliver on the promises made. It’s time to adopt a more systematic, coherent approach to D&I. The authors offer five strategies for making more progress and creating a more representative, fair, and high-performing workforce. First, ensure the CEO positions themselves as the top champion for D&I efforts. Second, center D&I in your business strategy. Third, hold executive leaders accountable for D&I outcomes. Fourth, mitigate implicit bias at the systemic level. Finally, pivot from diversity training to leadership development coaching. (Excerpt written by Harvard Business Review)

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I am an LGBTQIA Ally.

Today’s news headlines have revealed a fierce backlash against LGBTQIA folk. Each time they move one step forward, there is a vicious effort to push them two steps back. A great LGBTQIA ally nowadays needs to be up-to-date on the national news. The forces against those who identify as LGBTQIA continue to marshal political power…

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