The Difference Project: Episode 1 – What sort of workplace does the future require?

In this first ‘official’ episode of THE DIFFERENCE PROJECT we begin with the end in mind. We start by exploring the sorts of forces that will shape the future of work and the workplace that will be required to respond to those influences.

Inclusion as a Strategy

Dr. Gena Cox – Guest of Janine McLachlan at Ellevate Chicago Event

Leaders across the world are having new conversations. We are all at a shared moment when we realize that the world needs to be better for our children.

Inclusion as a Strategy

Dr. Gena Cox – Guest of Janine McLachlan at Ellevate Chicago Event

It’s very hard to push the diversity and inclusion boulder up the hill successfully if the leaders at the top of the organization are not interested in letting it settle at the top.

Inclusion as a Strategy

Dr. Gena Cox – Guest of Janine McLachlan at Ellevate Chicago Event

One of the most effective ways to measure inclusion is to measure the outcomes that employees say matter to them.

My Favorite Mistake with Mark Graban: Gena Cox Was Cavalier in Quitting a Job

In today’s episode, Gena shares her “favorite mistake” story about leaving a company in a way she thinks was “cavalier” — regretting that she couldn’t recreate that same culture elsewhere. Sometimes, you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone.

GEMS with Genesis Amaris Kemp: Organization Culture

How do you infuse diversity and inclusion into your organization? When it comes to DEI, Diversity Equity and inclusion we all have a vital part to play. In this segment, Dr. Gena Cox who prefers to be called Gena discusses how she uses her credentials and overall knowledge to ensure all aspects are being covered and met holistically. 

The Doctor Frieda Show with Dr. Frieda Birnbaum: Diversity, Inclusion and the Post-Pandemic Work World

Leading through social justice disruption and building inclusive organizational cultures.

Harvard Business Review: HBR: Quick Study – 5 Ways to Infuse Inclusion Into your Organization

Organizational psychologist Gena Cox and leadership coach David Lancefield offer five strategies for making more progress and creating a more representative, fair, and high-performing workforce.

Human Capital Innovations (HCI) Podcast with Jonathan H. Westover, PhD: HBR Minute – 5 Ways to Infuse Inclusion Into Your Organization

In this “HBR Minute” HCI Podcast episode, Dr. Jonathan H. Westover explores Gena Cox and David Lancefield’s recent HBR video, “5 Ways to Infuse Diversity and Inclusion Into Your Organization.” 

True Stride with Mary Tess Rooney: How Do You Elevate Human Connection in Your Life?

At the core, people simply want to be acknowledged as being another human. Humans like to belong and to form a connection over numerous similarities: likes, quirks, or goals. Ironically, there is sometimes a gap in how humans connect when trying to empathize with the human experience. Could it be that each individual is mentally wrapped in their own world? Could it be that individual human experience varies so much that the likeness in the larger human experience is hard to see?