The Upcoach Podcast. Leading with Inclusion: Unveiling Leadership Lessons with Dr. Gena Cox

Meet our esteemed guest, Dr. Gena Cox, an organizational psychologist and an executive coach who believes in a human-centered approach to coaching. Her perspective, enriched by her travels, emphasizes the significance of understanding every individual’s point of view. She asserts that leaders who travel often develop a broad-minded approach, becoming more aware, inclusive, and adaptable. 

In this revealing conversation, Dr. Cox provides insights into the nuances of executive coaching, drawing a distinction from coaching middle managers. She dwells on the importance of intuition in coaching, indicating how it aids in comprehending clients’ needs. The conversation illuminates how change operates on different planes and how the client’s sense of being acknowledged and valued determines the effectiveness of the coaching. For those intrigued by leadership, inclusion, and coaching intricacies, this episode is a treasure trove of insights worth exploring.