The Elegant Warrior

The Elegant Warrior: Gena Cox

How can understanding true inclusion lead to successful leadership? Dr. Gena Cox discusses the highlights of her book ‘Leading Inclusion,’ and shares insights based on her own years of experience in corporate America, as well as the experiences of colleagues and clients.

how to be to lead inclusion

How to Be to Lead Inclusion with Susie deVille

What are the key questions you should ask, who are the constituents you must address, and what are the difficult (but necessary actions) you must take to build an inclusive organization? Join Dr. Gena Cox, Author of LEADING INCLUSION, and Susie deVille, Author of BUOYANT, for a lively, informative conversation on “how to be” to lead inclusion and how tapping into one’s innate creativity may help establish equitable workplaces.

what ceos talk about

What CEOs Talk About with Martin Hunter: Inclusion Tops Diversity

In this episode of What CEOs Talk About, host Martin Hunter and guest Dr. Gena Cox dive into the insights that formed her book, ‘Leading Inclusion’, and the necessity of leaders who put inclusion over diversity. Their conversation includes experiences around privilege, behavioral-based leadership, and key terminology Dr. Cox uses to explain the foundation of inclusive leadership. This honest and insightful episode with the wonderful Dr. Gena Cox will inspire every leader it reaches.

Lancefield on the Line with David Lancefield: Building Inclusive Organizations

What does it take to build an inclusive organisation? Dr Gena Cox shares the highlights of her book Leading Inclusion

BOOK TALK with Brenda Harrington: How Leading Inclusion Drives Access & Opportunity

Authors Gena Cox (Leading Inclusion) and Brenda Harrington (Access Denied) discuss the challenges that hinder workplace inclusion and discuss the critical role of leaders in creating the change we can see and feel.

Satiate with Sue Van Raes: You Belong

Our sense of belonging is considered one of the most important drivers of our well-being. According to a Harvard study on health and aging, connection with others delays both our mental and physical decline.

Ways to Change the World with Prina Shah: Leading Inclusion

Do you feel like a fake, phony and fraud at work? Are you holding back parts of you?

Did you know that many people of colour don’t enjoy being in the workplace because of a raft of reasons…

Has your workplace rolled out Unconscious Bias training as part of their diversity and equity efforts? Have they missed the mark?

The Visibility Factor Podcast with Susan M. Barber: Episode 32. Leading Inclusion with Gena Cox

In this episode:

  • Gena shares insights, collected from years of experience, colleagues, and clients, about the lack of understanding of people who are different from us and how to bridge that leadership gap.
  • She shares what she wants readers to take away from her new book, Leading Inclusion.
  • Gena states what she believes is the biggest challenge organizations face with inclusion.
  • Gena shares her best tip for leaders of teams to be more inclusive.
  • She shares the first steps to bring more inclusion into an organization.
  • Gena shares the legacy she hopes to leave behind and how she feels after writing her book.

The One Problem with Avil Beckford

In this episode of The One Problem, organizational psychologist, executive coach, speaker and author, Gena Cox talks about how inclusion trumps diversity.